We can’t drive our SUVs?

Obama’s view of your economic future

Buried in the sea of Obama’s largest crowd (what Drudge calls the “Obama Mass”) is the economic ramifications of his latest pronouncements on global warming:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK…. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”

Let’s break that down. First, under an Obama administration, “we can’t drive our SUVs,” which begs the question: “What precisely qualifies as an ‘SUV’? Is my family minivan an SUV? Perhaps any vehicle that doesn’t deliver 30 miles per gallon will be a banned ‘SUV.’ Let’s move on. ” We can’t… keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times.” My home was set at 70 degrees last night and my office is at 72 degrees all day. I think it’s been proven that air conditioning actually does increase productivity. And why pick on ’72 degrees’? Why not 76 degrees? What is morally acceptable in this new Obamaworld?

Of course, what’s funny is that I keep my work temperature at pretty much 72 degrees for three fourths of the year and a bit cooler in the summer (about 70 depending on the day) and my wife drives a minivan. But that’s not good enough or acceptable for ol’ Barack. He would have to start picking on me personally. Back off Barry!

By Dave the Sage

Dave is everything that the Left hates; a happily married, heterosexual, white Christian male. A long time conservative activist, blogger, and columnist he resides in beautiful Northern Colorado and is the proud father of three daughters. "The Sage" is a sometimes philosopher, ideologue, and seer and always a tireless defender of the middle class, common sense, and the American way of life. The son, grandson, and great-grandson of Ministers of the Gospel he brings a unique blended background of theology and ideology to the great debates of the day. Dave's articles have been featured on multiple radio programs including The G. Gordon Liddy Show. Various columns have appeared on over one hundred different blogs and websites and he is a regular contributor to numerous political commentary websites, news sites, and webzines. His article “Concealed Carry and the Right of Self-Defense" was recently published in the high school textbook “At Issue: Guns and Crime.” The author believes that Faith, Family, and Freedom is the formula for success and the key to a good life and a healthy nation. Dave is a charter member of the Constitution Club blog and serves as the site administrator. His "day job" is working for private probation company.


  1. Instead of lowering the quality of life for many Americans, Barack Obama should focus on helping others match or exceed it. This is the typical Democratic class war. Instead of helping to bring the lower classes up, they attempt to bring down the middle and upper classes. They don’t seem to realize that the problem is not that a few people have too much. It is that alot of people don’t have much. The problem is not that Americans like to be comfortable at 72 degrees. The problem is that many Americans don’t have that option. Innovation, not government intervention, will lead the way. And the Democrats like to tell Republicans to stay out of their personal life…

  2. Though we make light of Barack Hussein Obama’s pronouncements, they do show the totalitarian mindset of our friends on the left: “This isn’t a good thing, and by God,¹ you’re not going to be allowed to do it!”

    It’s for our own good, doncha know?

    ¹ – Any reference to God should not be construed as a reference to a specific deity, or an endorsement of any religion, or a condemnation of any faiths which are polytheistic. We Democrats use references to God simply as expletives, or in an attempt to pander to religiously-inclined voters, but we have no actual faith in any such thing, believing, of course, that such beliefs are banned by the Constitution in any government official.

  3. Of course it’s always the general public who have to make the sacrifices. For example: Hollywood Celebs have started to back off environmentalism in favor of other causes specifically because they don’t want to give up their Jetsetting lifestyle. Carbon offsets were supposed to inoculate them against hypocracy, but those fell flat due to their unsettling resemblance to Papal Sin Indulgences.

  4. Please join me in my crusade to stop abusing the phrase “begging the question.” “Begging the question” is a logical fallacy (in which the proposition to be proved is assumed in one of the premises. (I.e., The statement, Barack Obama can lead the nation better than Hillary, begs the question. It assumes Barack Obama can lead the nation.) The phrase you wanted is “provokes the question,” or maybe “leads us to the obvious question.”

  5. Joseph you are an anally inclined twerp. Keep up the good fight buddy! BTW Joe – the phrase in question was contained within a quote. Everyone should have a crusade like yours to give our lives meaning. Carry on!

  6. Two years later, we see the results. GM and Chrysler seized because both automakers chose to make trucks, and Ford agreed to the Obama “cut tracks, kill SUV’s, make small cars” agenda, and took taxpayer money to make the Obama Cars. In seizing GM, he killed Hummer for that exact reason — he wants SUV’s gone. The man thinks we need to drive Ford Focus Electrics and Smart cars.

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