Obama’s America 2016 – Full Video

Due to copyright concerns this website cannot provide you with this movie. But we can direct you to where you can watch it. It is your choice and responsibility to make the decision whether or not to do so.


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If the link goes down you can also view it here: http://www.divshare.com/download/19625287-c16

By Dave the Sage

Dave is everything that the Left hates; a happily married, heterosexual, white Christian male. A long time conservative activist, blogger, and columnist he resides in beautiful Northern Colorado and is the proud father of three daughters. "The Sage" is a sometimes philosopher, ideologue, and seer and always a tireless defender of the middle class, common sense, and the American way of life. The son, grandson, and great-grandson of Ministers of the Gospel he brings a unique blended background of theology and ideology to the great debates of the day. Dave's articles have been featured on multiple radio programs including The G. Gordon Liddy Show. Various columns have appeared on over one hundred different blogs and websites and he is a regular contributor to numerous political commentary websites, news sites, and webzines. His article “Concealed Carry and the Right of Self-Defense" was recently published in the high school textbook “At Issue: Guns and Crime.” The author believes that Faith, Family, and Freedom is the formula for success and the key to a good life and a healthy nation. Dave is a charter member of the Constitution Club blog and serves as the site administrator. His "day job" is working for private probation company.


  1. A very good, very well written, very well researched documentary. Thank you Dave for somehow arranging for all of us to view this. I sincerely hope it makes a difference, because as Mr. D’Souza so clearly points out, America may very well not survive if Barack Obama is re-elected.

      1. * are elected

        Anybody who thinks what ails this country will be fixed by the results of this election doesn’t understand the fix we’re in. First, Americans better wake up to the fact that we had better stop our moaning and groaning about how terrible things are or will be and get off our fat asses and get to work. Politicians whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or whatever are not going to do it for you.

      2. I agree with Plymouth Patriot for Romney was not elected by the people he was selected by the top traitors of the RNC party and behind scenes.Same goes with the DNC they select theirs also.Ron Paul won many states but they cheated him out of votes, held back his delegates at the Tampa convention where they walked out in protest and I saw in on C span.Both parties in DC has to go and wwe must get clean, honest, decent true patriotic Constitutionalist people elected.and get the AIPAC influence out of our government.The banksters should all be arrested on ponzi scams and thefts along with Eric Holder on fast and furious aloong with Obama.They knew they were in charge.The fox was guarding the hen housse when they said Holder was not in knowledge.What a big joke!!We have serious prob in this Nation and until we wake up the masses to turn back to God and His laws we will continue to go down the path of destruction in America.May God have mercy on us all…

      3. Get over it Paulbots….You backed a loser. Quit crying and go change your diaper.It’s gettin’ pretty smelly in here.

      4. They are not surviving now under Obama and Biden. I have heard people say,”I don’t know enough about Romney to vote for him.” My answer is: “I know enough about Obama to not vote for him.”

      5. Hey, some not asleep at the wheel! Yeah! The problem are Americans themselves!! They have been asleep at the wheel for decades!
        Moron or Mor-m-on both share commonality in faith, none. Only one “m” separates them.

    1. Livin’ in a dreamland of fear and desparation! Obama will be re-elected, and we will continue to move forward, slowly but surely out of the mess wanton greed got us into. AND, some common folk will actually be recognized. Get over it!

      1. You are out of your mind. If Obama is reelected we will descend to third world country status and the illegals will rule the land. I will vote for the Mormon instead of the moron.

      2. I’m not sure just how you want to be recognised. I am common folk. No one special, so what makes you think Obama is going to think otherwise? I’ve done my research, and I don’t care for either candidate, so I will vote for the lesser of two evils. It WON’T be Obama. There are a lot of powerful people pulling the strings on Obama, or so they think! Obama has always had an agenda, and if voted in for four more years nothing will stop him from putting his foot on All of Us and only a greasy spot will remain. He is a criminal, but why has the FIB not arrested him. So how much power do you think we common folk have? The only power any of us have was given to us thru JESUS CHRIST and HIM alone! ”If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves and Pray, seek My face, then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land.” GOD and only GOD is our only hope!

      3. Godly principles should and will guide my vote. So, obviously, it will NOT be the Muslim loving, Christian hating, anti-Israel Socialist. In the short history of the United States of America, our current president is by far the worst choice this nation has ever made. And those who’ve been duped are like the Ostrich with the head buried deep in sinking sandl..

      4. “Wanton Greed” is what we are trying to avoid, ON BOTH SIDES!. The wanton greed of those who are dependent on the socialist state, who want their FREE housing, FREE food, FREE health care, FREE phones… Yet they can afford name brand cloths, new cars, bling-bling-BLING and more BLING…

        Nothing is free!!! I cant afford these luxuries that you do (above), If Obama wants to redistribute, then let him lead by example? I don’t see him giving his millions away to help these poor down trodden people.

        Yes, there is “wanton greed” from the wealthy. CEO’s, FCO’s, MCO’… than you have their “Under O’s” , who all write their own pay checks. I have worked as a hourly employee and saw these people receive millions of dollars a year and multi-million’s in bonuses. They had NO milestone to meet to get these paycheck and bonuses, none!
        The left wants us (all the following may not apply to everyone, but these are a few of the attributes Obomites want to pay for their FREE stuff), the self dependent, hard working , bill paying, veterans of the US military, those who “DID THAT”, with out a hand out from the government that are being told , “you need to re-distribute the wealth”.
        All this is coming from your Obama/god, and his socialist/communist/Islamic policies.

        Why do you hate and sling your venom on those who have been successful? Who have started with NOTHING and created business to support their families.
        All you want is everyone else to hand you everything, you want them to work so you can sit back watching your free tv, in your free homes, with your free food…

      5. Shalom Michael,
        You, Sir, are in dreamland. We don’t fear hussein’s administration for the sake of fear, nor do we live in desperation!

        I fear for a life of nothing for my Grandson, we’re he will live in desperation because of the marxist ideology of hussein and his complicity with islam. One way or another, our very own hussein’s desire is the accept the title and power of the Grand Caliph.

  2. excellent! I have been telling everyone about this today! How is this made available? Will it stay on? Should we be donating to them?

    1. Its unknown who is behind the release. On one hand, its been taken down for “copyright” infringement – making it appear to be bootleg. HOWEVER, as Joe Pags said, the film quality is too good for it to be bootleg. So, perhaps Dinesh and Molen are behind the release but just want to make it “appear” to be a viral bootleg so that the backlash isn’t focused on them.

  3. Why has the video been removed???? More people need to see this. I was fortunate to watch the movie in the theater, but what of those who either can’t get to the movie, or can’t afford the price to see it? Makes no sense that it was removed.

    1. Why do you think it was removed? Washington DC can do anything they want to do, and there’s others that have been removed that I’ve see before. Wake up! It’s election time. It’s also on a FB Christian page but can’t remember the name of the page now.

      1. Big brother is watching and wants to keep you in the dark until after the election when the crap will truly hit the fan.

    2. I agree it should be put back up for everyone to see. My husband went on a date night and saw it. Not date night material; it’s real life material and everyone needs to see this! Especially those that can’t afford to go see the movie! It doesn’t make since why it was removed. Makes me wonder if Obama had a hand in that. He does want to rule over us, only to see our destruction!

    1. I can’t find it on the web, but a friend had the movie on a Facebook page. It’s also on a Christian Facebook page, but I don’t know the correct page name. Facebook msg me at Sally Atchley Eidson, and I’ll look up that page for you.

      1. Me too. I missed the earlier link. So is D’Souza pressing to get the msg out–even for free? That would not surprise me.

  4. This is the second time I have watched 2016. It is the most troubling movie ever to exist – because, G~d help us, the potential is REAL… America must wake up or be lost, maybe forever…

    1. I agree, I am scared to death Obama will be re-elected by people who think he is great, why? I don’t know, they need to get their heads out of the sand and take a good look at this monster called SATAN.

    1. Most of the context was taken from exerts of Obama’s own book, so yeah i believe it is unadulterated, socialistic, abhorred, and outright worthy of promoting to expose the views, ideals, and beliefs of the chosen one.

    2. NOT so! All is truth, facts! That is why Obama doesn’t want anyone to see it. He is not happy about it being released at all! Why? Tell me one thing that is false!

  5. It IS a must see, but I don’t think people should be posting this without the producer’s permission. This movie is still at theaters so people should see it there. I’ve forwarded the link for this site to the media contact for the official movie site to see if they have approved the posting.

      1. Someone who wants to do the right thing and follow the law must be an Obama supporter? Good one, godless ignoramus.

    1. Please let us know what you hear back. I’m worried this is a pirated version and I’m not sure if something might have been changed from the original. I hate to be a stickler but I don’t doubt the other side could grab this and make important changes. Just sayin…..
      I saw it in the theatre but I wouldn’t be able to tell a changed version from the true version.

  6. i just watched the movie..and i have to say it is fullof twisted perspectives…it is so easy to take words from a book, slap a scenario and your biased opinion to make them look the way that you want them to..its funny how he only included the people obama associated with that had radical views, and didnt explore the relationships deeply, only assumed that obama agreed with them..its also funny that he would assume that obama is trying to destroy america, and hates america, yet, america is built on anti colonialism…obama believes in capitalism..so that theory is out…and to have only 2 conservatives speak of thier opinions only, shows just how biased this movie is…not to mention that bush, 2 wars and medicaire part d were not on the books till obama put them on, also we just landed a vehicle on mars,,which was a project that involved many nations..the fact that we have had job growth, that we have lower taxes now, that we have better human rights since obama took office just shows that this movie is biased…anyone that takes this to heart and thinks obama is out to destroy america in my opinion havent taken an honest look at the accomplishments obama has made in his term in office, or how congress has stopped the jobs act, vet job act and other things that could help americans..also…whats wrong with obama trying to get the muslim countries to look at america in a better light..also the START program is a good step..russia has agreed to dismantle thier nukes..israel is still our ally..and obama has put strict sanctions on iran and encourages other countries too until iran stops its quest for nukes…so that is wrong in the movie…obama has also kept gitmo open, he rescinded tortureof prisoners…i think it would be fair to say that obama is a humanitarian if anything..so in honest opinion..this movie is a piece of trash meant to be propaganda for romney to win…

      1. A vote for Romney and Ryan is a vote to accelerate America’s transition into a banana republic. A vote for Obama and Biden is a vote to slow the transition. Either way, we will be a banana republic within a couple of generations, unless some things change around here. And I don’t mean one lackey of the owners vs. another lackey of the owners.

    1. What is wrong with you and those of you who support Obama? Are you all so blind to what is going on around us, what NOBAMA is doing, hoe the foundations of the US are being eroded from within? Don’t you care? Apparently not. Stop drinking the Koolaid long enough to do the research, then say what you will about the facts. This movie is based on Obama’s own book. Did you read it yet? If not, you really should, before you say crap about the truths revealed in this very well done movie.

    2. jj…its funny how he only included the people obama associated with that had radical views, and didnt explore the relationships deeply, only assumed that obama agreed with them..”

      Funny how you can believe that a person can sit in or be surrounded by a pile of crap all their life and still come out smelling like a rose…Is Ignorance bliss, for you?

    3. Excellent post jj! I had heard about this movie, and have been wanting to watch it. As an Obama supporter, I have reminded myself many times to watch the movie with an *open mind*. However, it was tough to not look at it as biased before I even could watch it, after reading the first sentence in the little clip about “Dave the Sage”……..”Dave is everything that the Left hates; a happily married, heterosexual, white Christian male.”. What a joke! So all Obama supporters “hate” happily married people, heterosexuals, and white Christian males??? How does Dave the Sage expect to appear credible to anyone besides the people who already believe that bullshit? He’s NOT! This film is nothing but garbage, made by a radical right wing nut job whose entire purpose of the film is to somehow “prove” to the world that President Obama is out to destroy America! Sorry Dave the Sage……most of us are a hell of a lot smarter than you think, and we are not going to fall for this bullshit propaganda.

      1. you never had an open mind if you can watch and still not see obama for what he is. get away from msnbc, cnn you need education not propaganda youve been watching. or you did not watch.

      2. Dave the Sage, No Koolaid for me! Seriously, how do you expect anyone other than like minded, (CLOSED minded), people who have already been brainwashed to hate the president by your heroes at Fox News and are just looking for ammunition to back up their radical beliefs, to take anything you say or produce seriously when we already know that you have completely warped views of people who don’t agree with you (Everyone on the left hates happily married, heterosexual, white Christian males)? You are no better than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like. They do nothing but follow Obama around all day and find ANYTHING he says that they can twist around and take out of context, and then blast it over the airwaves all day every day and on TV at night, and call themselves “fair and balanced”. It really is humorous until you realize that there are nut jobs out there who actually believe it!

      3. sadly, you are mistaken! Obama is ruining our country! He has no background for being President of the United States. he has absolutely no experience in the business world…..I will vote for Rommey/Ryan! By the way, sometimes, smart people close their eyes…..

    4. While I don’t know who actually released this… I am making a donation regardless as I believe it’s the right thing to do. I don’t go to theaters. being a sitting duck isn’t my idea of a great time. I will also be buying it on DVD to not so much as to show my support but I believe again the right thing to do. I also agree with LCM. People who don’t like the movie because they don’t believe what Obama has written is purely ignorant. Its Obama’s own words. I also feel the documentary was done right Its highly unbiased. No one bashes Obama, instead his own words does that for him. If that is too hard for you to take, reconsider who your supporting!

    5. >JJ:
      (1) American hasn’t always been anti-colonialist; as the Native Americans, Mexico, Cuba or Hawaii.
      (2) The President does not believe in capitalism. If he did, we wouldn’t have had the “bank bailouts, General Motors bailout, AIG bailout, etc.” Instead the free market would have corrected itself.
      (3) Bush the Younger was no more a free market capitalist either. The established Republican Party, which used to be the party of small government, once in power, became big spenders like their Democratic cronies.
      (4) We do NOT have lower taxes…I’m mystified as to how you arrived at that conclusion. The USA has the highest corporate tax rate in the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world.
      (5) I have not idea what you mean by ” that we have better human rights since obama took office…”; would you PLEASE back this up with some examples. I can’t think of any.
      (6) The centerpiece of President Obama’s “accomplishments” is his so-called Affordable Healthcare Act. He & the Democratic controlled Congress forced this legislation on the American public despite overwhelming opposition by the citizens. Instead of the President focusing on economic growth and working with the opposition party, he chose to spend the political capital he’d gained by the election of 2008 to force his own agenda. The President created his own reality, not the Republicans. BUT…before you think I’m a cheerleader for the Republicans, let me assure you I think both political parties have miserably failed this country and both are equally to blame.
      (7) I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with trying to get Muslim and all other countries to view the USA in a better light. But, the problem you have with Muslim countries, is that the extremists are in control and the moderates defer to the organized terrorists factions.
      (8) Where Russia is concerned, “Trust, but verify”.
      (9) The lame sanctions on Iran don’t work.
      You have been mislead. Wake up.

    6. @JJ
      1. .Bush lowered taxes, not Obama. Congress is trying to keep Obama from raising taxes. During Clinton’s years, the tax rate was 50%.
      2. Russia has not agreed to dismantle their nukes. Russia wants us to dismantle our nukes that we can only keep 500, while Russia can keep 1500.
      3. GM should have filed bankruptcy. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that bankruptcy doesn’t mean plants close and people lose jobs. GM would have been able to keep going while in bankruptcy. Did the bailout help? Nope. They are close to going bankrupt AGAIN. Their stock fell from $50/share to $20 in the past week.
      4. Obama wanted to CLOSE Gitmo. During his first campaign mode, he stated that was the first thing he would do.

      Lastly, I think you are hearing only what you want to hear. Youtube would be a good place to watch Obama’s campaign speeches and his speeches while a senator. You might just have a different outlook.. I doubt it but I can only hope that people will wake up to the REAL Obama, the campaigner in chief. Besides campaigning, he likes to hob-knob with celebs and go on talk shows. That’s all he really knows how to do. I have NEVER, EVER seen a President stoop so low as this one has. No respect for the office. Not presidential at all. How he got through the vetting process the first time is beyond me. Evidently, a few bucks slipped into the hands of others so all Obama’s faults would be overlooked.

      1. That about sums it up Obama makes Carter look good, and that’s awful. That’s why we need to always vet our candidates.The media simply won’t do it. Obama has never earned or signed a pay check in his life . Wake up!

      2. he is not only a village organizer but also the village idiot missing from a kenyan village.

        it was the idiot village mentality in it takes a village to raise a child that got him elected in the first place.

        I left my village and never went back. I joined the Navy and saw and enjoyed the great civilizations that were no more because of despotic rulers and immorality run rampant after truth and decency were killed.

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  7. YouTube Downloader will allow you to save this to your computer’s hard drive before it is yanked from the interwebz. 🙂 Just a hint.

  8. Oooh, it is showing in town! Last time I looked, it wasn’t here… Think I may have to go Fandango my tickets! 🙂 I certainly want to support this movie’s crew!

  9. Israel is still an ally but is the US an ally of Israel’s? the President has refused to meet with PM Netanyahu even when the PM has offered to fly to Washington ANY TIME it is convenient. Iran is close to developing nukes and who do you think will be its first target?

    Unemployment numbers are misrepresented; it may have gone down this month but that’s only because hundreds of thousands dropped out of the system, stopped looking for work. You cannot deny what is in black and white, and the numbers are frightening.

    I think this documentary is very well researched, very well supported, and frightening to consider in the face of a potential 4 more years.

    I don’t think the author/filmmaker is trying to say Obama wants to destroy America – merely redefine it. Is it not true that he snubbed the British gift of Churchill’s bust? Rather than relocate it in the WH, he sent it back! Rude at best, telling at most. He has NOT given Israel the assurance she needs and Iran is fast growing the ability to destroy that little country. He has not followed through on any of his promises made during the campaign. He is an excellent campaigner, but has not stayed on message at all.

    Undeniable facts, and this film puts them all in one place in order to truly paint the picture of the guy no one knew! One of the major outcries, during the primaries was, “We KNOW Clinton – we know NOTHING of Obama. How do we know he will be a good leader?” A mistake was made, folks, and it’s time to right that error in November.

    1. Lissa, your comment is very well said, very well written. So good, that I copied and pasted it into my post of the link for this movie. I hope you don’t mind….I just didn’t feel that I could sum it up as well as you did. Thanks.

      1. Denise – I am honored and thank you for your kind words. No, I don’t mind at all that you quoted me – you’ve made me smile! Thank *you*!

    2. Has anyone else noticed that the people who support this movie are generally like Lissa here, with cogent responses that have good grammar and proper spelling. And those who ridicule the movie can’t seem to spell or use proper grammar to save their lives…

      Just sayin’.

      1. LCM, Another Fox puppet. You are so brainwashed that you could actually post something THAT ridiculous…. “Has anyone else noticed that the people who support this movie are generally like Lissa here, with cogent responses that have good grammar and proper spelling. And those who ridicule the movie can’t seem to spell or use proper grammar to save their lives…Just sayin’.” People who like the movie are smarter than people who criticize the movie? That’s a real “cogent” response! I suppose you call yourself fair and balanced too?

  10. this is an illegal posting and is theft. I am as conservative as anyone and think everyone should see the movie. However, watch it legally. It will be out on dvd in about 5 days. We are better than the liberals and should not be be stealing from the people who spent money to make this movie.
    I know this link has already been reported.

    1. Where are you getting your information that it will be out on DVD in about 5 days? I’ve been trying for weeks now to find out when I could buy this thing on DVD (or Blu-Ray, or ANY media on which I could legally own this movie).

      I agree that posting this here is probably against copyright laws — so go to the movie’s web-site (2016themovie.com) and click on the Donate button after you’ve watched it (or before, if you want to). Then the producers get the money they deserve for their hard work, and you get to see the movie without having to go to the theater. It’s precisely what I plan on doing after watching this movie here.

  11. This is yet another pirated copy and Dave The Sage knows it….hence his statements urging you to catch it while you can. Denesh D’Souza issued a twitter statement today asking people not to participate in pirated viewings and to buy the video next month or see the movie in theatres.

  12. You realize that you are pirating this movie? As in stealing? You are literally stealing not only from Lionsgate films, but also the directors and actors and anyone else who invested in or is paid by the film sales. Come on, y’all, we are better than this.

    1. I just watched this movie. Since I have kids and cannot easily get away to the theater I just bought a ticket from Fandango to make up for me watching it. How did I steal it?

  13. How does it feel to be snookered, Barack voters? It’s hard to take. You want to make excuses, explain it away, go into denial. But when you own that someone has outgamed you, you will know better next time.

  14. My last walk-in movie was Forest Gump. I refuse to go to theaters because of the Thug-Factor…Made an exception and saw this film in a theater to lend a small amount of financial support for an excellent documentary. Hopefully the support will aid in future worthwhile projects. 2016 is still setting records in theaters and making the producers a profit. Not a bad thing. I believe they intend for every voter to have an opportunity to see the film before November 6. via DVD, pay per view, Netflix, etc.

    Number seven @


  15. Is this a bootlegged copy of the movie or has the creators allowed this to be used? If its not then are you infringing the copyright.

  16. VERY good documentary! I bet it was a LEFTY that bootlegged it in the beginning,,,,hoping to steal from the movie producers. It would be good to put the mailing address for the movie production company up and ask everyone who watches to send in $10 (the cost of the ticket) and show the LEFT that we RIGHTY’s have some VALUES and PRINCIPLES, unlike them.

  17. People who say Obama and his Collective agenda is what Fat Stupid Americans need are So fucked in the head that this country ought 2 go the down and drop in the third world hole! Idiots abound in Academia. Self-aggrandizement is the downfall of many nations in history> u assholes are no different. GO STRAIGHT 2 HELL!!

  18. Dinesh D’Souza, the primary writer and producer of the movie, has recently tweeted, asking people not to download the movie or watch it online. Folks, this is Internet Piracy, Intellectual Theft, and is a major reason we are being threatened with Internet Piracy laws, and other laws restricting freedom.

    The Movie will soon be available on DVD and on NetFlix, which is available for a FREE 30 Day Trial LEGALLY.

    Mr. D’Souza is not a wealthy Movie Producer. He is the President of The King’s College in NYC, and sacrificially invested significant time, talent, and treasure into this project, because of a love of his country.

    I do agree with AZNativeGrandma – IF you do watch it here, send $10.00 the producer, or, alternatively, send it, along with a thank you letter, directly to:

    Dinesh D’Souza
    The Kings’s College
    52 Broadway
    New York, NY 10004

    Please honor him and do what’s right.

    1. Thanks for this info, I’d been hoping it would make it to the internet before the election. I was even willing to do PPV!! Happy to donate. Wouldn’t need to if the press wasn’t so biased and Obama would have actually been vetted instead of protected and elevated. It’s not the media’s place to CHOOSE what information to release, it’s their job to tell the whole story and let people decide. I’m an independent, I want both sides of the story.

  19. I’d still buy the DVD after I’d watched it for free. If something is done well enough, then I still support those who created it. If there’s a song I like but it’s not on iTunes, or it’s on a soundtrack that’s “album only”, I’ll download it for free elsewhere, but when it does become available, I’ll put my money behind it because at the end of the day I want to make sure the artist or the filmmaker is supported.

  20. Not one to usually post on these matters but I felt compelled on this one. I believe that half the people who complain the most will likey not even vote, and the ones that do should certainly not be shot down for thier opinion on either candidate they choose. It’s not that one person is right or wrong, it’s simply an opinion. Politics are as touchy a subject and is religion. I know that any president in office is still under senate pressure regardless of what they what to effect in the way of change, so to point a finger and blame is wrong. How quickly we forgot the movie made by Mr. Moore on Bush. Was he the idiot he appeared to be in the movie? Some will say yes, while others will do exactly what is being done here..they will know that this movie is just a persons opinion that was expressed by selecting certain things to promote. Strong faith and a lot of prayer is what we need regarless of who is in office. Again, ridicule me if you want, this is just MY OPINION.

    1. That one has now been removed. Here’s another one. As someone earlier mentioned. If you watch this online, do it quickly, this will also no doubt get snuffed. And please do send a contribution to the film maker. We need people with the guts to tell the story the media is overly willing to hide.

      As of 8:08 AM eastern it’s still there:


      As posted earlier by someone here: $10.00 the producer, or, alternatively, send it, along with a thank you letter, directly to:

      Dinesh D’Souza
      The Kings’s College
      52 Broadway
      New York, NY 10004

      Please honor him and do what’s right.

      1. Sorry, just saw the post with the announcement from the film creator….just go to the theater!!!! But go see it.


  22. The free link for the movie “Obama’s America 2016 has been removed because of a copyright claim by Lionsgate.. Sorry about that. You’re just going to have to go to the movies and pay. Or wait for it to go digital.

  23. Please keep in mind that the mainstream media was responsible for getting Obama elected in the primaries in 2008, and then responsible again for getting him elected in the full election in 2008.

    The mainstream media is created the narrative for the 2012 election night omitting major stories and majors events and allowing Obama to be treated as the chosen one.

    It is mainstream media is behind the election of Obama. They are not being unbiased at all.They have used every chance they have to entice the common denominator of every demographic, to deliver carefully selected editorials disguised as news.

    The first enemy (beyond the principalities and powers) is the media, from news to talk shows to Hollywood.

    If we are going to remain a Republic one nation under God we must take back the narrative of truth and make sure it is the truth. It must be deliveredto those that are students up to the most educated through every means available. It first starts in the home with your children. God bless


  24. Some people forget that Obama has a “kill list” that includes Americans. That is against our own Constitution scrapping “Due Process”. He has already used it by using a drone to kill an American citizen. HE TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.

  25. movie was takewn down… If you find another source online, please advise. It’s important for everyone to watch this!

  26. Any other links where I can watch this? Seems the links no longer work. I have 2 little ones and getting to a theater that is playing it has proven to be near impossible.

  27. It’s pretty disgusting to see “conservatives” encouraging the redistribution of someone’s intellectual property. Buy the damn movie next month or go see it in a theater.

  28. I will be voting for my one tru love, JESUS CHRIST! Only GOD can save this nation! It’s about time the sinners wake up or we will all feel the wrath of GOD! I will NOT vote for nOBAMA!, even if he did accpet JESUS in his life; there is just something else evil and sinister about him. I will NEVER vote for ROMNEY and his false blasfimus mormon brainwashing religion. For Romney and his like have turned thier back on JESUS as mormons do NOT believe JESUS is the Son of GOD! They will all burn for that in the afterlife! RON PAUL AND NO ONE ELSE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are helping shove Obama on all of us. A vote for anyone other than Mitt is a vote for Obama. The time to start working for a 3rd party that is strong enough to win elections is immediately AFTER a presidential election. Jumping on a bandwagon and voting for a 3rd party is a vote for Obama. If he gets re-elected you may never get that chance to build a 3rd party.

      1. The time for a 3rd party isn’t today. Today we need to save our nation before we don’t have one to save. I am leaning libertarian as well but I fully understand the premise and the mistake voting for anyone but Mitt will make. I don’t care for the guy, but the distinctiveness is a no-brainer.

      2. You are all sheeple! Voting for the ‘least’ of two evils is still EVIL!!!! We have been told what your are saying for YEARS and YEARS; enough is enough! If ‘we’ loose this election because real americans vote for Paul, then perphaps this nation will have to go threw the dark before it sees the light!!!!!!

  29. How interesting that this whole film is based on something called “Obama’s Rage”. And yet, for any faults he may have, rage is most noticeably absent. Just the voice of Pres. Obama reading his own book completely deflates the premise that he is a scheming, angry third world demagogue. It just doesn’t fit the facts.
    So that leaves the film to appeal only to those who, for whatever set of reasons, already despise our President. Somehow, they were even led to believe that such an attitude is patriotism.
    The comment by Plymouth Patriot near the top of the comments, Sept 23, are right on target. Time is fast approaching where we have to put the mean spirit away and work together to combat the greed, entitlement mentality, loss of moral bearings and fear that are infecting all political camps.

    1. You must have watched the wrong movie. Go to the theater and make sure you see the right one. Obama’s Rage is not his anger or uncontrolled behavior. Obama’s Rage is his very calm and to him very well reasoned hatred of colonialism and the disenfranchisement of the poor. He sees everyone and everything that is successful as evil and he rages against them. He wars against everything he considers to be dominant in all societies. That is why he supports the Muslim faith over all others. Even though Sharia law treats women like property Muslims are the downtrodden and must be raised up. Never mind that they are the down trodden because their treatment of women and their refusal to grow as a culture of freedom is entirely their own fault. He sees Muslims as oppressed and whether they are terrorists or not he is going to support them and part of that support is destroying America. This is why he is destroying the American economy which he views as oppressive and colonial. There is no mean spirit behind despising Obama at all. There is simple fact and his own actions and words.

      The Obama administration has intentionally printed, spent and borrowed so money that it has managed to downgrade the American debt three times in one year when it has never happened before in our history. Countries around the world have started replacing the dollar as the world reserve currency for international commodities trading. Once this process is complete the dollar will be worthless outside our borders and the 70% of US dollars being held outside of the US will all be sent back to America making each dollar worth about $0.23 and completely valueless outside of the country. That is 400% inflation and an inability to buy oil or any other commodity from anyone in the world. This will of course result in a total collapse of our nation with no money for the government to produce electricity or pay anyone to work for the government. This will be a top down crash where everyone will be the same with no utilities and no work because no one can afford anything. Multiply all of your bills by four and see if you have enough money for food that is four times more expensive. You NEED to be afraid. Vote for Obama if you want this to happen because it is already in process and will not stop while Obama is in the White House until everything in America is stopped.

  30. Yes it has been removed from You Tube but, BY WHOM. Just before the election we can not let anyone see things that will show bad light on our el presidante. Don’t follow the law and send out notices of a possible Lockheed layoff. It was spontaneous and not a terror attack in Lybia although the ambassador was threatened on facebook months earlier,etc.

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