‘We’re Supposed To Amend Our Values To Accommodate A Religion That Accommodates Nothing’


Every once in awhile, an article, speech or video comes along that is not only timely, but is so “spot on,” as the Brits say, it makes us say, “Yeah, dammit! Exactly!” The video in this post is one of those “every once in awhiles.”

In the wake of the latest Muslim temper tantrum, British comedian and political commentator Pat Condell’s video hits the despicable Muslim nail square on its disgusting head. Not only are his comments incisive – their message is irrefutable – and foreboding as well. Here’s a sampling:

“Once again, we see thousands of Islamic nutcases take time out from beating their wives to show their sensitive sides – by smashing up the towns they live in – egged on by clerical ignoramuses who motives are even lower than the the literacy level of their followers.”

“We in the civilized world are being asked to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet.”

“With Islam, it’s always a one-way street; we’ve learned that lesson the hard way.”

“The Turkish Prime Minister hilariously demands that ‘Islamophobia’ be made a ‘crime against humanity’ – when given the evidence, there’s a much stronger case for making Islam a crime against humanity.”

“When Muslims start showing the same level of outrage about things that are genuinely offensive – like the thousands of women and girls who are murdered and mutilated and raped every year in their countries, then we might take them a bit more seriously.”

“Twenty years of baseless grievance-mongering and knee-jerk offense have shown us this religion for what it really is – and now we don’t like it, we don’t trust it and we are never going to respect it.”

Watch the entire video; you’ll be even angrier at these jackasses than you already are.

We live in a world in desperate need of politicians and a media who not only believe as Pat Condell does – but have the courage to draw a line in the sand and stand up and say: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” (to borrow a line from the movie, Network).

Unlike our present administration, we must be prepared to follow those words with action vs. more and more pandering – which is far more responsible for the current round of disgusting behavior in the Muslim world than is the Mohammad film.

The tragic reality is this: Far more Neville Chamberlains exist in our governments and media than do Pat Condells; far more people who – out of fear, naivete or worse – rationalize to themselves – and the world: “If we just show them tolerance; if we just don’t incite them – maybe they’ll leave us alone.”

How’d that work out for Neville Chamberlain, Great Britain – and the world? We’re moving from tragedy to catastrophe – at a rapid pace. Maybe the tantrum will subside for awhile, but when it returns? It’s always worse.

The toothpaste has been out of the tube for a long time, and while we can’t put it back – we can clean it up the mess and destroy the tube. Sooner or later, it will be our only choice.

If we fail to make that choice, as was the case with Chamberlain, Great Britain and the world – we will ask ourselves: “Why didn’t we stop them sooner?”

And the hell of it? Islam has shown its cards far more than did Adolph Hitler. 

By Mike

Gleefully Exposing Liberal Lunacy on a Daily Basis! Mike's favorite target is the liberal "political lie," which he astutely defines as "liberals saying things they know aren't true for the sole purpose of exploiting the 'less than informed' for political gain." Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds, folks - jump on the Rat train and come along for the fight!


  1. I have tried to follow most of the media reporting (in the USA) of the latest ‘insult’ to Islam. A Few media talking heads have said that the ‘voice over dubbing was noticeable and poorly done’. IF that’s the case, I have YET to hear anyone ask ‘WHO really did the over dubbing’? Seems anyone who might have had access to the clips used for this round of inciting could be responsible.

  2. Yeah! The Yiddish “Chutzpah” seems to fit the Muslims demand for Christians to provide the accommodation they deny to Christians… If I remember, the word is defined by the parricide demanding mercy because he is an orphan.

    And the politicians trying to use Islam to beat Christians will find that they have grabbed a snake by the tail…

  3. I have a bad feeling we’re being dragged into WWIII, partly by our own government. While I do not believe in caving into the more stringent lines of Islam, a lot of MINO’s (muslim in name only) sorts who are not complicit in the rioting and in fact would be allies for us, are getting thrown under buses.

    1. Were prominent moderate Muslims to come forth with a strong voice and denounce the lunatics, perhaps they could reshape – to an extent – public opinion of their religion.

      1. Who? They have never done so consistently – or in numbers. Hopefully, you’re not including Mubarak and Gaddafi in the category of “moderate Muslims,” right?

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