Surrendering Sovereignty Is Unconstitutional


Founding father and physician Benjamin Rush foresaw the dangers of a secret medical dictatorship.

That’s right, any attempt to yield or usurp the sovereignty of the citizens, We The People, is inherently unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal and invalid—probably even in the context of a constitutional convention. Although governed, we are not subjects of our government, but co-sovereigns to whom our government ultimately answers.

WHO and Biden’s puppeteers are orchestrating a transfer of sovereignty on a global scale. (See The Biden administration believes it can surrender our sovereignty to them. It can’t.

Our founding documents clearly established “We The People” as forever sovereign in the United States. Marbury v. Madison establishes that the Constitution renders ANYTHING to the contrary preemptively null and void—as if it never were! Reid clarified this further to include treaties, a caveat most law schools actively mislead law students into believing. Any agreements, compacts. executive orders, military directives, rules, regulations or laws created in the furtherance of anything unconstitutional is legally tainted/poisoned/invalidated by it’s origin and is likewise preemptively unlawful.

It is each citizen’s responsibility, as part of the collective sovereign, to not only know the law, but to resist anything unconstitutional. Furthermore, it’s the sworn duty of everyone who has ever sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution to refuse and expose unlawful orders even if it costs us our lives, our fortunes our even our honor. God bless America!

Don’t expect the cabal to make this easy or safe.
Keep your PLOR on:
Pray-Listen (to God)-Obey (Him)-Repeat!

By Vérité

I’ve left traditional employment for a few months to focus on my family following the recent loss of my wife and my second granddaughter when my wife’s airplane crashed on 6/17/21 (see I’m also producing content. If you want to support what I do or want to donate to our family, let me know and I’ll something that up. I’m so many things but the most important things are 1) a christian, 2) a father & grandfather, 3) the widower of the most amazing woman I ever met, 4) a patriot and Army veteran (MOS 98C), 5) a teacher of SO many things (a tutor, a STEM teacher in traditional classrooms before such a thing had a name, a corporate technology trainer, the K-8 home schooling parent of my kids while my wife was stationed overseas, a museum docent, a history, archeology and paleontology tour guide at two sites, and simply a perpetual student), 6) an HKN engineer (AKA a science, math and tech nerd who created a massive military community website as a volunteer), 7) a caregiver, 8) a certified optician, 9) a lifetime woodworker, 10) a recipe inventor and publisher, 11) an actor, singer, poet and dabbler in most every art I meet, 12) a hobbyist historian (and the victim of an AP art history class that led me to believe I wanted to be a renaissance man when I grew up (which I really never did), and 13) still silly enough to have earned a B.A. in psychology! If I had to pick exactly one self-definition it would be "loving God by loving people." I just wish I was a whole lot better at it!

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